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| September 26, 2018

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1BTN Radio’s Inspiring All Female Takeover

1BTN Radio’s Inspiring All Female Takeover
Peggy Bain
  • On March 9, 2018

Yesterday 1BTN Radio station hosted an all-female takeover, a day dedicated to female DJs, producers and musicians. The hosts discussed a massive range of female musical talent, celebrating the stories and artists behind the works.

1BTN is a community based radio station that has been running for around 3 years, it runs on both FM and on DOB. When the station started there were only eight females involved, as well as the male presenters, but over time its progressed and gone from strength to strength. There are now 18 women involved in the station.

Featured image by Hannah Sherlock

The female takeover was organised in an impressive two weeks, by a team of dedicated professionals. The social media, PR and hand drawn art work all went towards the day’s success.

The brilliant group of women hosting included Lauren Laverne, Annie Mac, Cerys Matthews and Jane Fitz. The Sista Selectors Anth & Mel, Queen Josephine, Kate Wildblood and Jayney Blam Blam were just a few of the incredibly talented female musicians the female takeover showcased.

Featured image by Hannah Sherlock

The eclectic variety of music that the hosts of the station play includes funk, soul, house and techno. Yesterday the show was dedicated to women in every genre, including techo, Afro beats, Punk, reggae, new wave, jazz, Rock, funk, Latin, R&B, jungle, and Motown.

The show lasted all the way through until midnight, celebrating as much female talent as possible!

Featured image by Hannah Sherlock

Suze Rosser, one of the event’s organisers, highlighted the collaboration that went towards the day’s success:

“It’s been a really great team effort. There are people doubling up on shows, new people collaborating together, and actually today the station’s a bit of a hub, there’s kind of a nice buzz going on and everybody’s down here and just coming together.”

“The idea is today is, that we want to encourage more women to get involved in the industry, to come and get involved in the radio, because that is what we want, we want to grow the team here. We’re hoping that today will inspire people to get involved with some things, in community radio, and in music in general.”

You can listen to 1BTN Radio station, which undoubtedly will continue to bring attention to the brilliant and talented females of the music industry.

Featured image by Hannah Sherlock

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