3 Bodies Found in a Matter of Hours at Foot of Sussex Cliffs

The three bodies were found in just over 2 hours.

A beauty spot in Sussex was the site for a series of gruesome discoveries.

Beachy Head, a cliff near Eastbourne, is a notorious suicide hotspot, and no stranger to such deaths.

In 2015 it was reported that nearly a third of suicides in East Sussex took place at the spot.

The cliffs stand at 500 feet high, making them the highest chalk cliffs in Britain.

Two men and a woman were found at the foot of the cliff.

The first body was found at 3:30 pm. The second was discovered at 5 pm, and the second just 40 minutes later.

It is not wholly certain as to how or why the trio fell from the cliff.

However, Sussex Police released a statement dismissing any suspicions: “None of the deaths is [sic] linked and there would appear to be no suspicious circumstances.”

Due to the various levels of decomposition, the deaths seemingly did not take place on the same day.

It was also rumoured that a fourth body was being searched for, but this claim has been rejected.

A recent ban has come into place at the cliffs, stopping families from leaving shrines for their loved ones.

The move was criticised but was put in place at fears it could encourage more deaths.

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