A New Kollection is Coming to New York Fashion Week

They may be the babies of the Kardashian clan, but Kylie and Kendall are overtaking their sisters in terms of building their very own empire. The pair have previously collaborated with big names such as Topshop, but this year they are taking their fashion line to a whole new level: New York Fashion Week.

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One of the most anticipated weeks in the fashion calendar, New York Fashion Week kicks off on February 8th and it seems like they’ll be adding a new Kollection to the line-up (see what I did there?). The sisters announced that they will be celebrating the launch of their spring collection, of which they designed on their own, at New York Fashion Week. When announcing the line last July, Kendall told WWD that it was exciting for the pair to have full creative control; “It’s a lot different from our Topshop and PacSun collections because those were both collaborations, so they obviously had a say in everything…One main thing we wanted to cover was to make sure that it was affordable and still beautiful”. According to WWD, the line reflects what the girls actually wear, containing pieces that combine Kendall’s more feminine style with Kylie’s edgy streetwear.

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The line will be sold at high end fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. We won’t have too long to wait, as Nordstrom has a launch date of February 1st, and whilst it’s easy to assume that the Jenner’s idea of affordable isn’t our idea of affordable, Kendall and Kylie’s line will actually be reasonably priced. It is said that the range will be available to buy from $60 to $250.

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