A Woman Will Play The Next Doctor Who!

Via: Huffington Post

With the announcement of Jodie Whittaker becoming the 13th person to play Doctor Who, we look at Brighton’s history on the programme.

1969 – The War Games episode was the last to be filmed in black and white and took place at Sheepcote Valley, Wilson Avenue Brighton.

1980 – The Leisure Hive episodes were filmed on Brighton Beach and set in Brighton as The Doctor and Romana, The Doctor’s companion, were enjoying a holiday in Edwardian Brighton.

1986 – The Trial of a Time Lord, Mindwarp episode was filmed along the Telscombe Cliffs in Peacehaven.

Since then there has been a Doctor Who exhibition in 2005 which ran for six months and hosted a variety of props, costumes and monsters that appeared in the show.

Who knows maybe with Jodie as the new Doctor we will see a return of the series here in Brighton!


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