All of the Movies Showing at Lewes’s Drive-In Cinema

Drive-In Cinema

A temporary drive-in cinema will be coming to Lewes this spring – screening movies including Grease, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Dirty Dancing.

The screen will be at between 9th-15th April 2017, with film fans tuning in their car radios to hear the audio.

Tickets will cost £25 per vehicle. See the full listings below.

9th @ 18:30 Dirty Dancing
9th @ 21:30 Grease
10th @ 18:30 Moana
10th @ 21:30 Bridget Jones Baby
11th @ 18:30 Ice Age: Collision Course
11th @ 21:30 A Nightmare on Elm Street
12th @ 18:30 The Lion King
12th @ 21:30 Suicide Squad
13th @ 18.30 Fantastic Mr.Fox
13th @ 21.30 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
14th @ 18:30 The Little Mermaid
14th @ 21:30 The Notebook
15th @ 18:30 Toy Story
15th @ 21:30 The Bodyguard
Click here for tickets.

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