Angry Emojis And Disappointment After Lido Ticket Launch Flop!

Credit @ Saltdean Lido Community Interest Group.

At 9 am this morning, the tickets for the Saltdean Lido’s big taster weekend on the 17th and 18th of June should have gone on sale. However, avid swimmers and Lido fans had to face another big disappointment when the online booking system was hit by a technical issue.

This was the initial message on facebook, published on Tuesday.

This was the initial message on facebook, published on Tuesday.

It is the second big disappointement after the big reopening, which was initially scheduled for May 27th, was postponed to the 17th of June. Swimming fans who wanted to buy their tickets on the Lido’s website this morning and who couldn’t find the link as promised didn’t hesitate to comment with sad and even angry emojis on the Lido facebook page.

Representatives of the Community Interest Group apologised for the system fault on facebook, saying that the ticket sale would be put on hold as long as the technical problem isn’t totally solved and invited the public to have a look at the price list and opening tables instead.

Then came the apology this morning.

Then came the apology this morning.

With prices of £7.50 for a four hour, and £4 for a two hour session on the upcoming taster weekend, this might not necessarily help to cheer up disappointed swimmers, some of whom even recommended a change of prices.

For detailed information on prices, swimming session schedules and opening times, see here.

Updates on the ticket sale launch are available on facebook and on the Saltdean Lido website.

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