Autumn Candle Scents We Love!

Via: Letavua Flickr

It’s approaching September and that means Autumn is coming. We cannot wait to get out our candles and blankets and start watching the leaves on the trees turn golden. Having a Yankee candle store in the centre of Brighton is a dream come true and their Autumn candle range is amazing. We picked out our 3 favourites…

Bourbon Wood Barrels – Whiskey and aged oak with a slightly nutty finish. Its that cool, crisp and dry autumn night with a cosy blanket.

Autumn Glow – The fresh herb scent makes you feel like you’re walking through a forest, the golden amber scents are earthy and hearty.

Warm Cashmere – This is like a hug, the sandal wood mixed with fresh vanilla and cashmere is luxurious and calming.

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