Beautiful Brighton- the Must Have Colouring Book for Brightonians

In a previous article, bjournal mentioned adult colouring books as a way of destressing at the end of a long day and now we have found the perfect adult colouring book for Brightonians to settle down with in front of the TV. The Beautiful Brighton colouring book is a hand-made, hand-illustrated book by Brighton based commercial illustrator and graphic designer, David Bennett. In recent months adult colouring books have become a huge craze and you can’t go in any book or stationary shop without seeing a number of colouring books with several different themes such as the Animal Kingdom, the Secret Garden and Butterflies, to more niche themes such as Doctor Who or Game of Thrones (I imagine you’d need a lot of red). The intricate designs are works of art in themselves and they have been proven to be a great way for adults to achieve mindfulness. The Beautiful Brighton colouring book is a lovely way of Bennett showing his love for the city. David Bennett sells other quirky Brighton prints at Malarkey in Bond Street, but when seeing the popularity of the adult colouring book, decided to do his own but with his classic Brighton twist. He told Brighton style mag “As I work from home I like to get out most afternoons and walk, so I see a lot of Brighton. I often take snaps of things I find interesting as I go. I wanted to mix traditional expected things, like the Royal Pavilion, with the quirkier side of Brighton, like flamboyant drag queens, interesting signage and the formidable seagulls”

The gorgeous designs highlight everything quirky and fun about Brighton and it’s the perfect excuse to get into adult colouring, and if you’re already a fan, it’s an excuse to by another colouring book!! You can by the books at Malarkey or David Bennett’s etsy store here

all pictures belong to David Bennett

Holly Martin

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