Bjournal Weekly Cartoon – Large Ferry Spotted Drifting in Brighton Sea

Did anybody else witness this? On Tuesday a large passenger ferry was spotted just off the coast of Brighton and Hove. This bizarre spectacle left onlookers surprised as this was an extraordinary sight even for our seaside town of Brighton. Reportedly, the ferry drifted overnight from the Solent area to the coast of Brighton. Fortunately, the ferry and all of the passengers on board were completely safe and a spokesperson for Brittany Ferries stated “The Normandie (ferry) needed to make a bit of space and, effectively, rather than burning fuel, the captain undertook a managed drift with the tide. It is very much managed, harnessing the tide.” The ferry moved on in the late morning.IMG_2759This news also occurs during the week of the exposed Panama Papers scandal. Therefore, it’s completely understandable for our cartoon heroine to mistake the ferry for an offshore tax haven, they’re often located where you’d least expect…

Photograph: The Argus

Cartoon: Carolyn Bew

Kamilah McInnis

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