Bodies of Mother and Child Fifth to be Found in a Week at Sussex Cliffs

This is a further tragedy at the infamous cliffs.

On Wednesday 13th June, three bodies were found in just over two hours at Beachy Head in Sussex.

The tragic deaths shook the Sussex community.

Now, just days later, a mother and her child have been discovered at the same site.

A coastguard reported the bodies to the police at 7am today.

While no names have been given, details about the identities of the two people found have been revealed.

The woman, 42, and her disabled son, 5, are from Maidstone in Kent.

These two deaths have no link to the three previous deaths that were reported at the site.

Like those deaths, it is not being treated with suspicion by police either.

A Sussex Police spokesman said that: “Inquiries are at an early stage and no further information is available at this time.”

As well as the bodies, there was a Vauxhall Corsa found at the cliffs, which is being investigated as part of the incident.

The site is an infamous suicide hot spot, largely due to its staggering height.

The cliffs stand at around 162 metres above sea level.

However, the reasons for and circumstances of these two deaths are currently unknown at this time.

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  1. All the evidence shows that coverage of suicides at ‘hotspot’ locations can increase the number of people travelling to these sites. There’s a reason Sussex Police have repeatedly asked local media to minimise or avoid such articles.

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