Brand-New Graffitis And Cool Artworks! The Friendly Gang Exhibition At Studio 45!

Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

The smell of fresh spray paint is still hanging in the air; the interior of Brighton’s Studio 45 has totally changed. Brand-new graffitis have appeared high up on the walls, forming the colourful background for several matching pieces of art. Until Friday, Studio 45 is showcasing the work of several up-and-coming artists called “The Friendly Gang”.

KEO, Eloise Oui, Jess Dadds, UNKNOWN, Molar, Batman, Neil and SilverSunPeople are eight young promising Brighton artists. They have grouped together as The Friendly Gang for this amazing exhibition which assembles illustrations, paintings, graffitis and even a little video installation.

“We all kind of know Steve who runs the place because we all usually have some work in here. We started chatting to each other saying that none of us had done a show for a little while so we decided to put on a group show”, exhibiting artist KEO explains how The Friendly Gang came into being.

The exhibition opening on Saturday night was a real success. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

The exhibition opening on Saturday night was a real success. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

For two days, the eight young artists have really rolled up their sleeves to clear out the gallery and even paint the walls. “We did these murals all together. We all had our gas masks on and sprayed. It got really fumy in here but it was fun. I am really happy with it. It looks really lively, not as boring as most exhibitions do”, the artist describes how they all worked together to put on the show.

Dispatched all over the gallery walls, the colourful graffitis perfectly match the style and exhibited artworks of each of the artists. For KEO, it’s bright pink cat faces surrounding her equally colourful canvases while the opposite wall shows several black and white illustrations of Brighton’s mysterious graffiti artist Batman.

Assembled artworks by KEO.

Assembled artworks by KEO.

“They have done an amazing job. They put it all together by themselves. This group show is all about the friendly side of art. There was no competition, no rivalry or anything. I had work of all of them in the gallery anyway, so when they were looking for somewhere to have a show, we just agreed to do it here”, Studio 45 owner, Steve, says.

Although the exhibition will only run until Friday, July 28, the new graffitis, or at least elements of them, will stay on the gallery walls for longer.

For more information on the exhibiting artists, visit Studio 45’s Facebook.

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