Brighton And Hove Buses On Its Way To Become Best Operator In The Country!

Photo via Brighton & Hove Buses Flickr.

When you get off the bus feeling like you had the most incredible bus driver ever, wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to let the bus company know about it? A number of passengers in the area have contacted Brighton & Hove Buses to compliment them to one of their drivers who is now nominated to become Employee of the Year at the National Transport Awards along with another colleague of his. At the same time, the company itself could see itself crowned Operator of the Year.

The nominated bus driver is Phil Hadley. The employee has received by far the most compliments by passengers who haven’t hesitated to contact the company praising him for doing such an amazing job, hence the nomination for Frontline Employee of the Year.

He has made it into the finals of the award category along with Special Constable Jamie Jackson nominated for ensuring passengers’ safety and wellfare on their journey. The constable has been sent on this duty following a partnership between the Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove Buses.

“Everyone in the organisation deserve this accolade – in particular our two Frontline Employee finalists Phil and Jamie who were nominated for going beyond the call of duty and delivering a better bus service as a result. I wish them the very best of luck”, said the company’s Managing Director, Martin Harris.

The company will have to wait until October when the final winnners will be announced.

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