Brighton and Hove Public Health Team call for those with experience of self-harm to help them help others

To better understand self-harm in children and young people in the city, and to assess whether the current services are meeting the needs of local people, the Brighton and Hove Public Health Team have launched a survey aiming to glean first-hand insight into self-harm to improve public services.

Your views will help inform the planning of future services and how the Council supports young people who self-harm. The findings will be written into a final report which will be available online here when published in Spring 2018.

Self-harm is deliberately causing harm to yourself either by physical injury, putting yourself in a dangerous situation or self-neglect. This can include cutting, burning, biting, over-dosing and self-poisoning, among many other things.

This is an anonymous survey, so there is no need to give over any information that identifies you. The information you input into the survey will be seen only by researchers in the public health team. You do not have to complete this survey if you would prefer not to, and you may wish to ensure you are in a private place when you answer the survey.

You can find the survey here, with further information provided.


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