Brighton Babe Clara Makes it Through to Next Round of The Voice

Clara Hurtado has lived to sing another day after making it through another round of ITV’s The Voice. She knocked competitor Shakira Lueshing out of the battle rounds on Saturday (25 March).

The Sussex songstress will now advance to the live part of the show as part of team Will.I.Am. The Black Eyed Peas frontman called her “an awesome artist” after watching her rendition of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood.

Ahead of the battle, Shakira tweeted: “We may be performing bad blood, but there is nothing but mad love between us!”

Speaking to Juice FM, Clara said: “It’s quite brutal, they want it to seem like a battle between competitors, but to be honest I never saw it as a battle.

“It’s been hard to take in so I’ve been doing it a step at a time. It’s changed so much, with people on Twitter talking about me, I’ve been overwhelmed with it all.”

Although Clara lives and studies in Brighton, she has Spanish roots and showed off her language skills during her audition. Her performance led to a battle of the judges to get Clara on her team – but Clara chose Will as she’d like to try her hand at rap. said: “I would like you to join my team because I think I could work with you and find the kind of music you want to make.”

All four of the judges turned their chairs during the nail-biting last few seconds of Clara’s first blind audition last month.

Featured image by ITV.

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