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| September 19, 2018

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Brighton College to Treat Use of Plastic as ‘Anti-Social’ Behaviour

Brighton College to Treat Use of Plastic as ‘Anti-Social’ Behaviour
Jack Mitchell-Charman

Headmaster Richard Cairns compared the plans to smoking bans

Brighton College have made plans to clamp down on single-use plastics.

The move comes amid growing concerns about the global plastic pollution epidemic.

While it may sound imposed upon the pupils, it was the students themselves who began the initiative, as headmaster Richard Cairns states: “Many pupils were really shaken by the terrible images on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II of marine animals being strangled by plastic”.

And, furthermore, this ban will extend to the teachers themselves.

Pupils who bring in plastic water bottles to school could be punished in the same way as if they were caught smoking cigarettes: “We will treat plastic bottles, straws and non-biodegradable cups as anti-social, in the same way that for decades we have banned cigarettes”.

The school are discussing forms of punishment for those who go against this.

This could come in the form of acts such as supervised beach cleaning.

Cairns stated that: “Initially, we will enforce the changes with a system of formal warnings for pupils breaking the rules but there is also the appetite, if it proves necessary, to use sanctions – in large part, because the potential for sanctions highlights the significance of the issue”.

It should be implemented come autumn, and is due to be formally announced tomorrow.

Cairns also wants to take the colleges environmental measures a step forward.

He has proposed potential plans to ban drivers in diesel cars from entering the schools premises.

It is the very first ban of its form, and will hopefully spur more to do the same.

It also fittingly marks World Environment Day, and shows the steps the Brighton community are taking to combat these issues.

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