Brighton Gin Release 1400 Limited Edition Coloured Bottles to Celebrate Pride

Brighton Pride is widely considered as being the nations greatest celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Brighton is a brilliant centre for acceptance, with all welcome. It is always heartwarming when local companies can reflect the ethos of the city. Considering that Brighton Gin was founded with the aim to “bottle the spirit of Brighton”, it is no surprise this company have gotten on board.

They have unveiled a brand new range of coloured bottles spelling the word ‘Brighton’. This is in aid of the Rainbow Fund, a local company supporting LGBT and HIV community groups who will receive £2 from each bottle sale, and in celebration of Pride. They are coloured pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colours mimic those on the Gay Pride rainbow flag.

Kathy Caton, founder of Brighton Gin in 2014, has spoken of her excitement over Pride: “Set to be bolder, more beautiful and brilliant than ever, we’re so proud that we host the UK’s biggest Pride Festival in our free-thinking, campaigning home city.

She also spoke more intimately of her companies place in the celebrations: “We want to celebrate that ultimate spirit of Brighton and contribute again to the essential work of the Rainbow Fund in supporting the city’s LGBTQ+ community and voluntary sector.”

The company won’t just be contributing these beautiful bottles, they will be at the heart of the festival. They make their debut at the Pride Parade on August 4th.

The wonderful bottles will be sold from June 29th by a range of local companies, and also from the companies website. They can be bought as a complete set. So why not use these celebratory decorative pieces as an excuse to have a nice drink!

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