Brighton Held England’s First Ever Disability Pride

Organiser Jenny Skelton with her daughter, Charlie. Credit: Jenny Skelton

Everyone in the UK knows that Brighton is known for its big, bright and beautiful pride event every August but this weekend there was a new pride on the scene – Disability Pride!

Yesterday, England’s first ever disability pride was held on New Road in Brighton. Hosted and organised by Jenny Skelton, the event proved to be a huge success. Skelton from Saltdean is a mother of three, all of whom have special needs.

The local event organiser, described living in Brighton as living in a “bubble” as people can be so welcoming and inclusive here. She wanted to create the annual event in order to raise awareness about disabilities, following an incident at a pub where she and her daughter were requested to leave.

The event ran concurrently alongside other Disability Prides taking place in New York and Italy.

By the looks of the event’s official Facebook page, the day was a huge success.


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