Brighton MP Slams Katie Hopkins’ Trump Comments

Brightonians scrolling through their Twitter feed were in for some quality entertainment yesterday when Caroline Lucas delivered a sassy clap back to notoriously argumentative right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins.

It all started with a recent column by Hopkins slating the parliamentary debate on President Trump’s state visit to the UK. In the article, she suggests the debate was a waste of time and taxpayer’s money.

When Hopkins tweeted the article, which includes a close-up photo of Lucas speaking at an anti-Trump rally, she singled out the Green Party MP.

“Caroline Lucas spoke for vegan lesbians of Brighton hoping to deny Trump a state visit because he likes burgers,” Hopkins’ original Tweet read.

Lucas, who has called Trump a “racist bigot“, had this response:

Hopkins then started grasping at straws:

Before Lucas finally got the (very sassy) last word:

Lucas’s final comment has gone down a treat with her followers:

Numerous responses to Lucas bought up Hopkins’ previous promises to emigrate to the USA if Trump won the elections.



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