Brighton NHS Trust to be Placed Under ‘Special Measures’

Brighton’s NHS Trust which was already rated ‘inadequate’ is on the brink of being placed under special measures. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will on Wednesday make public its findings on Brighton and University Hospitals NHS Trust with the report expected to be damning.

It’s reported that the CQC’s recommendation in the report will be that this branch of the trust goes into special measures. Neither the Trust or the CQC are willing to comment on the expected news ahead of the publication of the report today (Wednesday 16).

This branch of the trust runs both the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. The report is expected to deem the trust’s leadership as inadequate with a number of the trust’s other shortcomings expected to be exposed by the inspection team.

The Princess Royal in Haywards Heath is also expected to be criticised in the report.

The Princess Royal in Haywards Heath is also expected to be criticised in the report.

It’s likely the CQC will expect these issues to be resolved quickly with immediate action anticipated. In May of last year (after the last inspection), the Brighton’s branch of A&E was deemed ‘unsafe’.

The Brighton Branch of the trust has constantly performed poorly with it being near the bottom of the Trust’s tables for key performance indicators in a number of different areas.

The A&E department of this particular branch is often overwhelmed with a constant rise of people coming through its doors each day.

Brighton's A&E department has consistently not met its targets.

Brighton’s A&E department has consistently not met its targets.

The imminent findings of the report paired with the trusts ongoing financial difficulties spells a difficult path ahead for the Brighton based branch which has a potential deficit of over £70m for the financial year ahead to deal with too.

This must be particularly hard for staff members of the trust to take who were illuminated in the CQC’s report last year for their exceptional levels of care and commitment.

Many of these issues are meant to be addressed upon the completion of a £480m redevelopment of the Brighton branch as a reaction to the issues highlighted by previous inspections.

The Projected £480m Redevelopment.

The Projected £480m Redevelopment.

Would you say you’re unhappy with the state of the Brighton NHS Trust? Do you have any particularly bad experiences?

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