Brighton Street Fashion – Bright Green Hair and Homemade Accessories!

These fashionable Brightonians where caught wearing very cool outfits on a cloudy day.

IMG_3261 (1)

Emily, 19, from Oxford, now living in Brighton to study art at the university. She gets her clothes from all around but often goes shopping charity shops.


This is Vicky, 21, from Kent. She’s lived 4 years in Brighton and she loves it! “You can be who you want to be and wear what ever you like”, she said. Today’s outfit she got from River Island and charity shops. She likes the charity shops because they are cheap and trendy but otherwise her favourite store is H&M.


I met Alex, 43, on the way to his first performance. He’s from Birmingham, but lives in Brighton and works as a Street Performer in the North Laine. “I love Brighton because you can try new things and wear what you like”, he said to me. He gets his clothes from different shops but likes to create his own clothes and accessories. The flower crown and the sunglasses are made by him.


Alex’s worldly wisdom: “embrace yourself and celebrate your craziness!”


This is Immy, 20, from Brighton. She gets her clothes from different shops but often from charity shops. She loves the music gigs in Brighton and often goes to the Pub “Hope and Ruin” to listen to her favourite gigs.

Immy’s message to the world: “Always try to be happy”.


I met Georgina, 21, in the North Laine. She’s from Bristol but visiting a friend in Brighton. She’s already tried many different hair colours but her favourite one is the one is the green she’s currently wearing. “I love the dogs in Brighton! There are so many cute dogs around! I’ve never seen that anywhere else”.

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