Brighton Trans Pride Is Fast Approaching And It Needs Your Help

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Taking place this weekend is Brighton’s fifth annual Trans Pride event. The lesser known pride event will take place this Saturday (22nd July) and involves a protest march as well as other events across the city.

The non-profit organisation formed in 2013 has hosted the event every year since, with attendees increasing from year to year.

The aim of the Trans Brighton community-run interest group is to create visibility and raise awareness about the discrimination faced by the trans community, whilst promoting equality and diversity.

However this year, Trans Pride Brighton are asking for your help, in the form of donations.

As the event is entirely run by unpaid volunteers and is a non-profit organisation, the organisers need as much help as they can get to make the annual pride event as successful as possible.

Last year, despite a successful event, numbers ran at a loss due to high costs. In order to make Trans Pride as enjoyable as possible for everyone, the organisers are asking for donations which they depend on to make the event happen each year.

As a grassroots, non-commercial, community run event, funding from donations, grants and community contributions is essential.

If you’re hoping to attend the event this year or want to see it continuing to run successfully, click here, to see how you can help.

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