Brighton’s Secret Music Scene Came Together At The Joker Last Night!

Three up-and-coming local bands and a headline band from London. That was the line-up avid fans and supporters of Brighton’s live music scene could enjoy last night at The Joker. Many of them were actually playing in bands or singing as well and had come out to check out fellow musicians and have a great night together!


Meg and Andrew came to see Brighton-based singer-songwriter Matthias perform.


Johnny and Pol are musicians themselves and came to support their mates.


Kerrie and James were told by their friends to come down and check out the local bands.


Freya and Hannah had a special reason to come to the gig as Hannah’s boyfriend is a drummer in one of the bands.


Hayden and Aileen got invited by their housemate and really enjoyed the show. “But it’s far too hot up here!”, Hayden said.


Dan and Benno came to see Lacuna Bloome. Dan was pretty excited about seeing the bands play a full set as he had only seen them perform random songs before.


Megan, Maria, Eleanor and Amrika were happy to have come to the gig. “It’s really cool and the bands are really really good!”

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