Build-A-Bear Shops See Hour Long Queues Amid Promotion Mayhem

Nationwide chaos began at Build-A-Bear stores

There are some places which seem immune to the more cynical aspects of life. Build-A-Bear is one such place, with its selection of colourful, fluffy toys and never-ending procession of upbeat pop music a world away from reality. However, this was not the case yesterday, as an uncharacteristic level of chaos broke out across its nationwide chain of stores.

A new promotion offered by the company caused great mayhem. The offer meant that parents could buy any bear, with some up to £52, for the amount of pounds corresponding to their child’s age, meaning that you could bag a bear for as little as a pound. This saw an incredible drop off in price of some of the company’s best loved products.

While the sentiment was a commendable one – bringing joy to children up and down the country – the execution left something to be desired. It was worth it for children wanting a new toy to love, but there were reports that some had to wait up to 5 hours in Brighton to get into the store. Some didn’t even get in despite their wait, with the store running out of stock.

No one expected such a ginormous response to the offer, taking all by surprise. While Build-A-Bear no doubt reaped rich financial rewards given the sheer volume of respondents, they will surely be looking to fine-tune any future promotions and avoid such a disaster repeating itself.

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