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| August 19, 2018

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What Happened June 22nd? Brighton News Roundup

June 22, 2016 |

So much happened today and it’s all in one place. And yes, it involves trains. 

Jeremy Corbyn has expressed his distaste for Southern Rail Service. He is quoted as calling their behaviour towards conductors “appalling ” and calls for the dispute … Read More

Refugee Week Highlights Brighton’s True Value

June 22, 2016 |

With the EU Referendum tomorrow and immigration becoming such a key part of the Leave Campaign, Refugee Week serves as a timely reminder that the rejection of those seen as ‘other’ is to miss out on the cultural enrichment that they … Read More

What Happened June 21st. ? Brighton News Round Up

June 21, 2016 |

Here is the round up for all the days news across Brighton:

There was strike action again today as Southern Union members protested outside Brighton Station. The ongoing debacle between employees, commuters and officials has been going on for weeks … Read More

Albion in the Community CEO Gary Townsend dies aged 43

June 21, 2016 |

The CEO of Brighton and Hove Albion’s charitable arm Albion in the Community (or AITC) Gary Townsend has died. At just 43 years of age, this is a truly tragic thing to have happened to someone who clearly gave so … Read More

Should Brighton Leave the UK?

June 21, 2016 |

The referendum is everywhere. Literally, everywhere. 

There is so much debate over which route would lead to a stronger future, leaving the EU and isolating ourselves or committing to the rule of the EU. Remain, or leave. Stay, or go. They … Read More

‘People Not Profit’: Inside the Latest Brighton Station Protest

June 21, 2016 |

As we mentioned yesterday, more protests regarding today’s RMT Union strikes took place on the concourse of Brighton Station. We were at the scene and managed to speak to prominent members of the demonstration who were more than willing to … Read More

Brighton’s RMT Union Strikes – How Will They Affect You?

June 20, 2016 |

Further to the protests at Brighton Station last Wednesday, Southern Railways announced that RMT Union would be holding a 24-hour on Tuesday 21st June. With that in mind, we thought it could be useful for you to know how services … Read More

What Happened Jun 20th – Brighton News Roundup

June 20, 2016 |

It’s been a busy day in Brighton, so here is a roundup of all the news in case you missed any of it. 

Another protest has been organised over the Southern Rail Franchise. The protest, organised on Twitter, is due … Read More

Eddie Izzard takes the EU Referendum to Brighton

June 20, 2016 |

It’s hard to ignore coverage of the EU Referendum, especially with only a few days to go. Moreover, in 2016 it seems as if prominent figures outside politics are more eager than ever to become politically relevant. Eddie Izzard is … Read More

This is What is On This Weekend – 17th June-19th June

June 17, 2016 |

If you’re not sure what to get up too this weekend, then here is a list of all the standout events happening in and around Brighton.

Brighton Big Screen is taking a break from showing the Euros to screen the … Read More