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| October 20, 2018

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Chanel Cruising in Cuba

Chanel Cruising in Cuba
Holly Martin

Many of the September fashion shoots took place on the colourful streets.

Cruise shows have taken place in some extremely exotic places in the past including Dubai, Miami, Venice and Seoul but Karl Lagerfeld is taking fashion powerhouse Chanel to somewhere quite different for the 2017 collection. Cuba. This will be the first major fashion production to hit the city since diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba were restored a few years ago and this year, travel sanctions from the US to Cuba were lifted. This is also the first time Lagerfeld will take the show to Latin America. The show will take place on May 3 2016 in Havana. Though Lagerfeld isn’t the first designer to take inspiration from the country, with Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler’s resort collection in 2016 was heavily influenced by the country. Throughout the September issues, fashion shoots staged on the city’s streets were one of the most prominent editorial trends.

Not sure how Karl will fare in the Cuban heat if he wears black all the time…

According to Lagerfeld, in a release from Chanel, the ‘cultural richness and opening up of Cuba’ has long inspired Lagerfeld and going by his past creations there will be a lot of colour injected into the clothing. However, some points have been made about the fact that a luxury label is taking influence from a country rife with poverty, would it be considered insensitive for Lagerfeld (and McCartney and Schouler) to borrow the aesthetic from a country where many cannot afford basic items, therefore will not be able to afford high end fashion? Of course, this is still very new news so people have not spoken up yet but it will only be a matter of time before this is called into debate.

Stella McCartney was heavily influenced by Cuba this year


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