Channel 4 Visit Brighton Ahead of Creative Hub Headquarter’s Decision

It was recently announced that Brighton had made a prestigious shortlist. Major broadcaster Channel 4 named our vibrant city as a potential place for its new creative hub. This move would have brilliant consequences, bringing a huge economical boost as well as raising the city’s profile.

Following up the news of Brighton’s selection, Channel 4’s bosses came to scout the city. They will be viewing each shortlisted city ahead of their final decision on October 1st.

Several organisations and peoples came together to build Brighton’s bid. From the council, businesses and universities, this was very much a united bid, as council leader Daniel Yates states: “Our bid for one of the new creative hubs is very much a collaborative one and it was great to see organisations from across Brighton and Hove come together to champion the city.”

Yates also backed up Brighton’s credentials: “We have a lot to offer in terms of creativity and innovation, as well as a being home to a wealth of talent.”

Finally, Yates spoke of the positive implications of the potential move: “Having a Channel 4 creative hub would bring jobs, investment and the opportunity to develop skills in a growing industry.”

University of Sussex’s vice-chancellor Adam Tickell clearly shares Yates’ views: “With two outstanding universities, a booming creative sector and a deserved reputation for thinking differently, the city is the perfect location for Channel 4’s creative hub.”

Hopefully our wonderful city impressed those at Channel 4!

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