#CharityTuesday: Speak Out Brighton and Hove

feature image: Jenn Lewald

This week for our #CharityTuesday feature, Speak Out Brighton and Hove are in the spotlight. Speak Out is a charity that started off in 1995 as a small Citizen Advocacy project, which recruited people to become an advocate for someone with a learning disability. It became a registered charity in 1999 and now supports over 250 people with learning disabilities each year. With eight staff and over thirty volunteers the charity provides a range of advocacy, community and use-led projects. It addresses problems such as severe isolation, poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

Speak Out want people with learning disabilities to develop confidence, skills and knowledge to make choices and control of their lives. They help people with disabilities get support and make sure that they are listened to. They have an initiative called Speaking Up Groups for adults with learning disabilities and are a safe place where they can talk about the things that are important to them. They then help them speak up, whether it’s to the people in their lives or the services that they are currently using. This helps adults with disabilities to gain confidence to speak up about and it also helps them find out information about other services. There are lots of ways you can help with this charity and there are many ways you can volunteer from becoming an advocate for one individual or a group supporter, or a volunteer for events. You can also find out more about if you or someone you know, would like an advocate. Head to their website to find out more about this incredible charity.


Holly Martin


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