Charlie’s Letters: A WW2 Movie Made By Local Elliott Hasler

Via: Elliott Hasler

Elliott Hasler finished his film at 16, about his great-grandfather’s escape from a Prisoner of War camp.

The young director and writer from Hove; will be screening his movie, Charlie’s Letters, at Brighton Big Screen on Friday 11th August.

The WW2 movie is based on the real life adventures of his relative, Charlie Standing, who was captured in Tunisia during the war.

The feature length film premiered at this year’s Brighton Fringe where it sold out! Elliott has been invited to screen his film elsewhere after its popularity such as Edinburgh Fringe.


Elliott, 17, began making the film at 13 years of age. He had been told of the story as he grew up by his grandad, mum and auntie and just knew it would make a ‘brilliant’ film.

He said; “It’s a big responsibility representing my relatives on screen – they are the main characters in the film. I wanted to make sure I did justice to their story and that it would do them proud.”

The majority of the film is based around Brighton, which he would film in the evenings and on weekends. But he also took advantage of family holidays to France, bringing a camera along and a couple of costumes in order to represent his grandad for the true hero he see’s him as.

Get down to the beach this Friday at 11am to see the film! Tickets are free. To book visit