Council Confirm Grenfell Tower Cladding Has Not Been Used On Brighton Tower Blocks

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After the horrific events of Grenfell Tower, (a council tower block in London), residents across the UK have been urging their local councils to investigate whether or not the same cladding had been used on tower blocks in their communities.

It has now been confirmed that the same cladding has not been used on any of Brighton’s council tower blocks, to the relief of many locals.

The council has said: “We can confirm that none of the cladding on local council high-rise blocks is made from the same material, or supplied by the same company, as the cladding on Grenfell Tower”, which should put some people’s minds at ease.

After the Grenfell Tower incident last week, the cladding was scrutinised and largely blamed for the quick spreading of the fire. As a result, local authorities were urged to consider carrying out local checks – there was even a protest on it supported by Kemptown Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Brighton & Hove City Council own 43 high-rise buildings within the city and have confirmed that only twenty-three of the buildings have cladding on them, none of which is the same as was at Grenfell.

Despite this reassurance, some residents still question whether or not all of the city’s council-owned tower blocks have appropriate safety precautions in place, in the event of a fire.


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