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| September 18, 2018

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Progress made by Brighton & Hove Council in Bid to Tackle Rising Homelessness

Progress made by Brighton & Hove Council in Bid to Tackle Rising Homelessness
Georgia Kolakowski

Brighton & Hove City Council have completed the ‘Stonehurst Court’ project. The former sheltered housing scheme has been converted to ten new houses for homeless families. The houses will provide much needed temporary homes in a city (and country) dealing with a housing crisis.

Each home has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and a bathroom giving families the chance to lead a normal life after being made homeless. Councillor Anne Meadows, chair of the Housing and New Homes Committee made the opening official yesterday (3rd May). Upon opening she said “these homes will make a real difference to the lives of families who have been made homeless through no fault of their own.

With so much pressure on housing in the city, investing in council-owned temporary homes will also help us reduce the amount we spend on renting private accommodation to house people temporarily.

Stonehurst Court is part of the council’s New Homes for Neighbourhoods scheme which will provide housing on council owned land. They are developing old offices, parking lots and more into small new houses all across the city. These new temporary homes are part of a package of measures to tackle the city’s housing crisis. The houses are in place for homeless households the council has a duty to provide accommodation to.

Whilst Stonehurst Court is a great step towards a larger solution, Councillor Clare Moonan also announced this morning that the council are looking for a new emergency shelter for people sleeping on the streets. She said “we’re tackling a national housing crisis at our local level. This is the next step in helping vulnerable people on our streets gain shelter and support to move away from the dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle.”

“Over the winter months we ran a successful night shelter at the Brighton Centre. We’ve gained valuable insight from the shelter which will be used as part of the innovative ways we can help more moving forward, working with partners, residents and communities across the city.”

“It’s a huge challenge. We’re seeing more vulnerable people sleeping rough on our streets at a time when funding from government is being dramatically reduced, which is having an impact on services. We are determined to help those in need and we are making sure the funds available are invested in the best way possible. We’ll be sharing regular updates as the plans develop over the coming months.”

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