Friday Feeling: Why You Need To Have A Lie In

Via: Andrew Roberts Flickr

Even if you have nothing planned this weekend you know you have one thing to look forward to… a lie in! And after getting up at 5/6/7am everyday for work or for your kids you deserve this.

  1. You need a certain amount of hours sleep and most people won’t be getting 8 hours on the week days because they have to get up for work so early.
  2. Sleeping in can improve your long term memory retention, memory organisation and learning.
  3. If you have been partying or missed out on some precious shut eye sleeping in allows you to catch up on sleep debt.
  4. It can help you unwind before the weekend, you’ve been so stressed time to let go and relax.
  5. You don’t need to feel guilty because you’re doing it because you want to and it is helping you!
  6. You’ll be more awake later in the day to enjoy all of the bank holiday weekend activities!
  7. And its just the substitute for that nap you were going to take anyways!

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