Go Albion! Photos From Yesterday’s Big Celebration

From 4 pm on, Albion fans and supporters of all ages started to crowd along Brighton’s seafront drive. Dressed in white and blue and eager to wave their Albion flags, they could hardly wait for the parade to finally kick off at 5 pm.


Waiting for their heroes. All the way up from Brighton Pier, people gathered to watch the parade.


Who says only humans can support their football team?


Mounted police made their way through the crowds, pushing people back to make room for the buses.


When the bus with the team finally got in sight, all you could see was a blue and white mass moving towards you.


Let’s hear it for The Albion!!!


At the beginning of the convoy: the celebrated heroes.


The convoy moved towards Hove Lawns, taking masses of people with it and leaving Brighton’s seafront pretty much empty.

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