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| September 25, 2018

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Goodbye to Brighton’s Blemish

Goodbye to Brighton’s Blemish
Cavan Halley

Redevelopment company First Base plan to ameliorate the Preston Park area with planned replacement of ‘Brighton’s ugliest building’

Development company First Base famous for their work in East Village, Stratford which was used for the Olympic Games  along with Hyde Housing have finally put forward their plans for the redevelopment of Anston House Preston Park, which is infamous around the Brighton area for being the city’s ugliest building. 

anston house

Anston House has remained derelict for 25 years.

This will be the two firms first development project outside of London. The development also includes room for start up businesses. The plans for the 230-apartment scheme in Preston Park was actually designed by Conran & Partners. This development has been imminent since First Base purchased Anston House in 2015 following a twenty five year period of the building being unoccupied. It’s thought the redevelopment will have a major positive effect on the local community with public transport improvements projected as well as a sizeable £139m boost to bolster the economy during the construction process.
Anston House redevelopment

First Base hopes to build 230 somewhat more aesthetically agreeable flats over the former Anston House.

Barry Jessup, Director at First Base, said “This is an exciting project for us; not only is it our first in Brighton, it provides the opportunity to deliver much needed new homes and creative work space in a fantastic setting in Preston Park. We look forward to working closely with stakeholders and Brighton & Hove Council over the coming months to further advance our plans.”

The Anston House area has been a long standing eyesore for the otherwise beautiful Preston Park area. As well as providing a financial injection into the local area it’s also likely to improve security for those accessing the train station, parks and local schools in the area due to the increased usage of the area. It’s also going to offer 230 new homes in Brighton and Hove in an attempt to match the ever increasing demand for housing in the city. It’s not yet known how much the flats will be available for, but it’s likely due to their central location paired with its close proximity to Brighton train station and the city centre itself the flats will be available at a sizeable fee.

It’s now just a matter of waiting to see if the proposals are to be granted planning permission by the local council as another consortium plans to redevelop Anston House back in 2013 were rejected at this stage.

What do you think of the planned redevelopment of Anston House? The last remaining blemish on Preston Park is likely to be finally scrapped, creating jobs and developing travel infrastructure in the meanwhile!

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