Halloween Comes Early as Brighton’s Sky Turns Red

via BBC website

If you’ve been wondering today why the sky has turned an apocalyptic shade of red, fear no more!

No, we are not reaching the end of the world, but instead, the Brighton skies have been filled with an unsettling, yet distinctly beautiful orange glow due to the afterglow of Hurricane Ophelia, a tropical storm that has hit Ireland in the last few days.

The storm has been bringing in dust and tropical air from the Sahara, causing the sky to cast an ominous glow around the UK, as well as making the sun itself appear red in colour.

Even the local wildlife have been confused, with the seagulls not quite knowing what to make of this temporary environment. On top of this, the gloomy look has caused streetlights to come on during the day.

It appears Halloween has come early!



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