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| October 22, 2018

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Have You Seen these Sausage Dogs Missing in Brighton?

Have You Seen these Sausage Dogs Missing in Brighton?
Sarah George

Devastated Douglas and Teressa Saunders are living every pet owner’s worst nightmare – their two dachshunds have been missing since 22 February.

Elfie and Huxley disappeared when they were let off the lead during a stroll with a dog walker at Hollingbury Park golf course in Brighton.

In an attempt to see their beloved pets safely returned, the couple are offering a £5,000 reward for the safe return of the pair of pooches and have called in help twice from national rescue organisation K9Tracker.  They’ve also ventured out every day to scour the area.

Teressa said: “We went up there straight away, but it was so foggy we couldn’t see in front of us. It was just awful weather.

“They could be anywhere by now – especially places near food and drink.”

The Hollingbury Park area has a lot of rabbit holes, which leads Teressa to believe Huxley could be hiding underground or stuck in a burrow.

“He loves to go down rabbit holes,” explained Teressa, “he got stuck in one just before Christmas and we lost him for a week. He came back home after losing a third of his body weight and escaping.”

However, Huxley and Elfie are now a lot further from home and have been missing for longer, which is causing Douglas and Teressa to become increasingly concerned for their safety.

More than 1,100 dog lovers have joined the Facebook campaign to reunite Elfie and Huxley with their owners, but there’s only been one reported sighting of one dog so far. One local woman saw a sausage dog sniffing food litter at The Level last Thursday.

“They’re both just such lovely dogs,” said Teressa. “It’s very upsetting to go home every night without having them.”

If you have any information about either of the dogs, call Teressa Saunders straight away on 07472 362262.

Both dogs are black with tan patches and smooth coats. They are both very friendly, but Teressa said they may bark if approached.

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