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| October 22, 2018

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How To Eat Your Way Out Of Paying For Dinner

How To Eat Your Way Out Of Paying For Dinner
Stephanie Newton

Some of you may have heard of Doughbo by now, a food trend taking Brighton by storm, one dough ball at a time! Doughbo took over the Hobgoblin Pub’s kitchen late last year, and boy did we not know what we were missing. Priding themselves on their stuffed oven baked dough balls, Doughbo offer a wide range of treats from hoisin duck (including a vegan faux-duck option) to jerk chicken to gooey chocolate and salted caramel. It may seem like a strange concept having a few dough balls for dinner, but Doughbo boast that just 6 of their bite-sized balls equate to roughly the size of a 12″ pizza. That’s a lot of dough.

Credit @ Doughbo, Hobgoblin

Credit @ Doughbo, Hobgoblin


This May, Doughbo are hosting their first annual eating contest, offering up the chance to quite literally eat your way out of paying for dinner! The event boasts two challenges: One being the opportunity to eat as many dough balls as you can within 60 minutes (FYI: The record so far is 28), and another with a bit more of a kick behind it. The second challenge is called The Great Ball of Fire (we see what you did there Doughbo) and asks its competitors to eat 10 spicy dough balls in a time trial challenge. Here’s the catch: You’re not allowed to drink anything or visit the toilet (Yikes!) for five minutes post-challenge in order to win.

The winners of each challenge will be rewarded with a special Doughbo prize, their name up on the challenger board and they’ll get their dough balls free of charge! Sounds like a bargain to me…


Credit @ Hobgoblin

If you’re thinking that this all sounds a bit much for your fragile stomach to take, then worry not! Hobgoblin will be open all day with the event starting at 3pm. So if you’re not quite up for making yourself sick with delicious dough balls, maybe you’ll be more suited to spectating. Entry is free for spectators so you can save your money for a nice G&T while sitting back in the vibrant beer garden and watching other people suffer…

Ready, Set, Eat!

The event takes place on 27th May 2017, from 3pm-10pm. For hopeful contestants entry costs £10, whilst for spectators it’s free. To apply to enter contestants should direct their emails to Further rules and information can be found on Doughbo’s Facebook.

Hobgoblin is located on 31 York Place.




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