Humans of Brighton: Meet Chiara, Who Vows To Never Leave Sussex

For this week’s Humans of Brighton we spoke to Chiara, who’s coming up to her 20 year anniversary of being a Brighton resident!

Hi Chiara! How long have you lived in Brighton?

I’ve lived here since 1999.

And what drew you to Brighton initially?

The fact you can walk everywhere here. I like that it’s small, but there are a lot of weird people and no on cares! It’s a good combination.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the city?

Walking around! I don’t drive so I walk everywhere, all the time, I love it.

If you had to change one thing about Brighton, what would it be?

We need a department store here… a good one!

And finally, would you ever leave?

If I left, it’d only be to just outside, still in Sussex, I’d have to stay in the area. I love Sussex.

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