Humans of Brighton – Meet Alex

On our quest to find this week’s Human of Brighton, we met Alex!

How long have you lived in Brighton?

3 years.

And what brought you down here?

Lack of interest towards living in my home town to be honest. I wanted to be inspired by a new town basically.

Tell us about you – what do you do in Brighton?

I work in retail, but also play in a few bands and I like to make the most of a really good music scene in Brighton. I play loads of gigs here every year, because I can really.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Brighton?

The people – my friends all live here! The music scene is great too.

What’s your favourite venue? Where do you like to go?

The Cowley Club, easy.

What do you think makes Brighton music scene so good?

I’d say.. the social side.

And would anything ever drive you to leave the city?

I would only leave temporarily – I’d always come back.

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