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| October 20, 2018

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Humans Of Brighton! Meet George “Show People The World They Aren’t Seeing”

Humans Of Brighton! Meet George “Show People The World They Aren’t Seeing”
Hannah Molnar

George Gould, 26 arrived in Brighton back in 2008 to study English Literature and Sociology at Brighton University. “I chose Brighton because I had been as a teenager and found it a safe and social town.”

What do you do?

“I work as a one-to-one tutor with The Virtual School for Children in Care, tutoring Maths and English in class, after school, and at home. I really enjoy it, because my primary responsibility is not to manage behaviour or ensure the curriculum is followed, but to get students to engage with the subject and trust in a learning mentor.”


What extra curricular activities do you enjoy?

“I read and write in order to research and produce my own works of fiction, because it feels like you can show people the world they aren’t seeing, even when they’re living it; you can challenge their understanding of their own lived reality by making them relive it from another angle.
I also play bass, occasionally with my sister in a poorly-organised two piece, because I like to grimace and nod my head.”

What keeps you from the winter blues?

“I am not a sufferer of said blues, everything I want to do I can do from the comfort of my home. What keeps me from the winter blues is enjoying the fact that I am not sweating.”


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

“The first thing that comes to mind is when I filled my bookshelf until it collapsed, then before moving anything I took a picture because I thought it was beautiful.”

What animal do you see yourself as?

“A stoat.”

What animal do you think other people see you as?

“A fox.”

What animal do you want to be seen as?

“A squirrel.”


What has been the most enriching experience in your life so far?

“Writing a novel, because you get to say it exactly how you see it and make someone else see it the same.”

What would be your ultimate career?

“I don’t really want my life to be any different, just for writing to form a more central role in my routine. I’d like to have a patient supportive literary agent who believes in what I do.”

What would be your message to humanity?

“Leave things better than you found them. You can’t make money without taking money.”

Have you got any projects that you’re working on right now?

“My current novel about British lad culture and some upcoming projects I’m researching about violence as justice and pubescent masculinity.”


What is something that you’ve tried but would never try again?

“Sawing without a vice.”

What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?

“Brighton is the best place I’ve found for a base, but I would like to live a while in Cuba or New Orleans, to see how communism works and see music to that standard again, completely without pretence.”

What would be the one film or book that most influenced your life?

“It changes all the time, but one that comes to mind is the novel ‘Stoner’ by John Williams. A gentle telling of a little life with its own tragedies and victories insignificant to the universe but universal nonetheless.”

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