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| September 22, 2018

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Humans Of Brighton! Meet The Pink Haired Ludicrously Lovely Young Lady, Emily!

Humans Of Brighton! Meet The Pink Haired Ludicrously Lovely Young Lady, Emily!
Hannah Molnar

Emily, 24, is a sales and marketing manager for a club called ‘Sakura’ and ‘Smash’ in Reading, which is a company that is connected to some of our lovely clubs in Brighton, like the Coalition 2. Emily had lived in Brighton over the course of around 4 years, to study psychology at uni before moving away to Reading. “I moved in with someone and now have moved out. That was a boyfriend. So I left him to do my own thing here in Brighton.”


Why did you chose to move back to Brighton specifically?

“Well my friends had a room going in a flat, so I thought yeah might as well go for that! And I love Brighton, It’s really happy, everyone is in a good mood, it’s by the seaside, there’s nice clubs and bars and it’s not too in your face, it’s quite relaxed.”

How would you describe your style?

“Today I’m wearing quite comfy stuff. I like big coats and I like fake fur a lot. I’m always dying my hair, that’s probably a thing. I was recently blue but it looked a bit grim. I’ve also coloured my hair green, black, orange, red, everything really. Exploring the rainbow! At the moment I’m enjoying the pink hair.”

Any extra curricular activities?

“I like painting. I like going to gigs and stuff but who doesn’t I guess!”

What’s your jam?

“A bit of everything! I know that when people say that it’s really annoying so I’ll tell you who I’m listening to at the moment… I quite like Die Antwood, very sort of hip hop and south African and a bit weird and a bit of house music is always good too.”


If you were an animal, which would you want to be?

“Probably an elephant. I like elephants.”

How would you go about ruining a breakfast?

“Burning it? Dance on top of it maybe, stomp on it. I’ve never been asked that before so that’s all I can come up with hahaha.”

What would your message to humanity be?

“Spread the wealth and recycle!”


Let the magic continuuuue… !

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