Gig Tonight @ Sticky Mike’s Bar – In Her Own Words

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Gig Tonight @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

In Her Own Words is made up of members Joey Fleming, Ian Berg, Eric Ruelas, & Omar Sultani. Since 2013 the Los Angeles band has been shaping a unique sound that is best displayed through their debut full length release. “Unfamiliar” was released October 14, 2016, whilst the band were freshly signed to Invogue Records.  An independent album review from Musicology stated, “Especially in the choruses, the sound comes at you in a tornado-like fashion and just sweeps you off your feet. It’s something that fully grips you by the hand and takes you through a whirlwind of pop punk prowess.”

In Her Own Words has been heralded as: “pop punk with no strings attached”. In an intimate venue like Sticky Mike’s this group are sure to put on a good show, so get down there tonight!

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