Is There Life In Your Life?

We each know in our hearts that it is vital to love and forgive ourselves for our perceived faults, but our society has convinced us that there is something missing and that we are not worthy of these things because we are incomplete. We aim to be happy or fulfilled someday, but we are so trapped in an illusionary process of addiction to the “norm” that we never do more than react to circumstances.

We do not understand that to have the power of presence is to consciously create a life of prosperity. Instead, we remain unaware, often unconsciously choosing to live in (and continually repeat) the so called past. This repetitive, reactionary behaviour is controlled by our emotions, which trigger the biological responses to which our bodies have become accustomed, thereby allowing these dependencies to run our lives.

Addiction is not uncommon among us. Thirty years of study and teaching have shown me that we are all highly addicted to many forms of absence. Although a great deal of attention has been placed on mood altering substances such as drugs and alcohol, these are only a means to an end to be emotionally numb. We systematically avoid being present and responsible for living consciously because we have become convinced that our thoughts are who we are and to release them is to lose our identity.

Some manage to live to a noble age while finding life tedious and exhausting right up to the end. Others nurture various diseases along the path of life that sap and deplete their energy.

These thoughts have been molded by a society that thrives on illusion, and we have been unwittingly participating in society’s game of scarcity. It causes us to feel unworthy of anything more. The opportunity here is to change our perspective by becoming aware of this illusion to become present and reclaim our power to live and create intentionally. Failing to seize this opportunity is to abandon ourselves again and again through addiction and the accompanying distraction, remaining absent to a prosperous life filled with gratitude.

A person who “abandons the self” many hundred times a day cannot enjoy the subtle happiness in everyday life. He or she does not experience well-being or self-love. Instead, this person becomes trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts, fed by negative nourishment and behaviours, which in turn creates a launching pad for greater self-destruction. The average person expends about 85 percent of all his or her energy in resistance or self-pity.

Some manage to live to a noble age while finding life tedious and exhausting right up to the end. Others nurture various diseases along the path of life that sap and deplete their energy. Others dispense so much energy from their bodies that they can no longer tolerate themselves and give up and die. But my purpose here is not to talk about death or what leads to death, but rather to ask you: Is there life in your life? Are you allowing your life to be run by addictions and reactionary behaviours? Are you draining your life’s flame by investing in negative attachments and continuing to live in scarcity and fear? It’s a choice you make.

Gudni Gunnarsson

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Gudni Gunnarsson is a life coach and yoga instructor and the creator of GlóMotion. In the 1980s, he began his thirty-five-year career as a fitness trainer in Iceland and became a pioneer in the fitness industry. As founder of Iceland‘s first professional gym and Fitness & Nutrition magazine, Gunnarsson quickly established himself as a leading contributor to the holistic approach to mind and body development. In the early 1990s, Gunnarsson worked as a life management consultant for celebrities and business executives in Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, he developed Rope Yoga Fitness, which he later combined with his life coach philosophy to create GlóMotion—a mindful fitness and nutritional program empowering people to be the change in their own lives. In this blog on Brighton Journal Gudni will share his thoughts and wisdom as an inspiration for them who want to receive.

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