James Dunham Brighton Journalist Still a Firm Believer in Santa – Brightonian Christmas Special

We love Christmas at Bjournal and decided to celebrate this festive season with this christmas special by reaching out to our fellow Brightonians and ask them a few questions about how they like to celebrate christmas. Our first special Brightonian is journalist James Dunham who you might have seen on Latest TV and heard on Juice 107.2. He is a firm believer in Santa Claus and celebrates Christmas every year by with his family by watching Eastenders.

What inspired you to do what you do? Storytelling, I guess. Not ashamed to admit it but I’m a bit of a news geek too. I love the idea of sharing the events of peoples’ lives and that’s what really excites me!

What can you tell us about yourself? I survive without tea or coffee, the strangest thing you’ve ever heard, right?

Do you have a family? Yes but no pets. I have never had a dog, cat or even a goldfish.

Have you always lived in Brighton? Nope. I grew up in London but moved to Sussex in 2006. I live about 20 minutes away from Brighton.

How do you like Brighton and what do you like about it? Brighton is amazing. For me it’s a mini-London but with the added bonus of a beach. There’s always something going on which is brilliant! It’s also presented me with plenty of opportunities.

Do you celebrate Cristmas? Yes. After eating food and opening presents my day will consist of the obligatory Queen’s Speech, Top of the Pops, Eastenders, more food and a board game with the family. I am ashamed to admit that Eastenders brings everyone in my house together.

Where do you like to go on christmas eve? I always spend Christmas Eve with a few of my friends. We usually head out for a few drinks. It would be rude not to! Meanwhile, in the day today I’m on news duties at Juice 107.2.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition? The Yule log.

Do you believe in Santa? What do you mean believe? He’s 100% real. If not, where has my letter been going to all this time?


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  1. going to be careful for brussels.

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