Kylie Jenner Launches Three New Shades in Her Lip-Kit

Is it too early to start preparing for Valentines Day? Apparently not, according to the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie. The young entrepreneur revealed that she would be releasing three new lip kit colours as part of her valentine collection. In a livestream on her website, Jenner introduced a new shade of matte lip gloss and liner. The colour, a berry shade, is much different to her previous line, which was mainly nudes and browns.

Posie K Swatch

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According to Jenner, the newest edition of her Lip Kit collection will reportedly feel better than the originals due to a new “exclusive formula”. She took to Instagram to share her excitement about the new collection, saying “Very excited to share with you one out of three of my new colors for my valentine collection coming up. I’ve been working on a new very exclusive formula that I have absolutely fallen in love with.”. She also shared a snap of herself wearing the colour with the caption “Ring around the rosie pocket full of POSIE”…does anyone want to tell her that nursery rhyme is about the plague?

Ring around the rosie pocket full of POSIE

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Anyway, fans shared both their excitement and anxiety about the new Lip Kit collection. When the first edition was released, it sold out in mere minutes, sending many fans into a frenzy. Those who did manage to bag it had to wait a long time for it to finally arrive, according to reports. Hopefully the launch will go much more smoothly the second time around. The collection will become available in February so keep your eyes peeled and lips pouted.

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