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| October 23, 2018

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Make The Most of These Festive Drinks Before They Disappear in January

Make The Most of These Festive Drinks Before They Disappear in January
Kieran Cleeves

Move forward a week from now, four doors will be open and the long run up to Christmas day will be well underway.

Four doors you may ask, if that link wasn’t enough, perhaps chocolate can provide the pivotal clue. Okay, so 24 chocolate treats spread over the same number of days may not stimulate your excitement, in a month where diets are unrecognisable and calories are forgiven.

Food and drink are a huge part of Christmas, from the hotly anticipated dinner served on the big day to the choice of beverage selected to wash it all down.

The arrival of Christmas seems to rejuvenate neglected items that aren’t required all year round. When have you ever cracked upon a box of dates in the middle of summer? Exactly, you wouldn’t dream of it.

This rule also applies to a handful of beverages that briefly see the light of day around the festive period.

Here are a few examples and if you haven’t tried them, share your attention in a month that flashes by for these forgotten Christmas brews.



Colourful Snowball Image From Here

Unfortunately the festive name is the main reason behind this drink’s exclusion throughout the rest of the year. A mixture of Advocaat, Lemonade and Lime Cordial create a unique flavoursome creation that is easy to drink and attractive on the eye. The addition of a cherry rounds off the Christmas concoction and complements the colourful yellow drink that disappears come January time.

Hot Chocolate with Baileys:

Whipped Cream to finish

Whipped Cream to finish Image From Here

Okay so this perfect relationship of flavours may come together in some homes throughout the year but winter is the main platform for this drink to shine. With the cold weather refusing to budge over the festive period, this winter warmer is a popular choice throughout December. The simple addition of Baileys Liquor to a creamy cup of hot chocolate is a match made in heaven, adding an alcoholic spin to a cosy winter favourite.

Mulled Wine:

Festive mixture of flavours

Festive mixture of flavours Image From Here

Another hot Christmas blend that combines red wine with apple cider to produce a fruity festive creation. Wine and cider remain separated for the majority of the year, however the diverse flavours meet in the middle with the added injection of fresh fruit and spice to create a popular beverage heading into the New Year. Cinnamon sticks, pumpkin spice and sliced oranges are included as the brew boils towards completion, resulting in a warm fruity mix to ease the winter chills.

What’s your favourite drink around Christmas time? Let us know at Bjournal.

Kieran Cleeves


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