Man Travels 10,000 Miles in a School Bus

Road-trips are something every person dreams of doing at least once in their life, but there is one man in America who has turned the ultimate road-trip dream into a reality. In March this year, Patrick picked up a 1990 school bus, nicknamed Big Blue, in Long Beach in California. He then drove it to his parents’ house in Las Vegas in May and started converting it into a home with his dad. Once it was finished in August, he went on road-trip across America covering nearly 10,000 miles through thirty states. He documented his incredible journey on Instagram. He and his dad took apart the interior of the bus, removing the seats and installing wood beams and insulation. They installed a toilet and plumbing system, and even added some LED lights to make it just that little bit cooler. They also installed solar panels on the roof, and once it was finished it became something dreams are made of. Patrick then set off on his road-trip, recording where he had been on the roof of the bus, travelling to thirty states, from Nevada to Georgia. When asked by the Metro what his plans for the future were he said ‘My plans are to stay in Florida until March, then most likely find my way back slowly to Vegas, and up to Seattle to live again for a while. Find some land to park on. That’s kind of the life I’ve imagined for myself. Ride around, travel, find temporary work, and see where to go from there’. You can see the conversion process, and pictures of his trip below. You can also read his blog here.

We have hot, running water! Filled up the 40gal fresh water tank. And boom! Got the air out of the lines, and everythig worked flawlessly. Got the water heated to its medium setting of 107deg. The bus was able to power the heater, the pump, all the LED lights, A/C and a 1200watt heat gun. Inverter never once was overloaded or blew a fuse. — We have to change a bit of the plumbing around, where we fill up with a hose, and connect city water. But besides that, I got about 4 minutes of hot water, a minute of low hot, and 30 secpnds till the water ran cool. To empty the whole tank took about 22 minutes. #plumbing #sharkbite #pvc #electric #solarpower #hotshower #noleaks #runningwater #skoolie #buslife #tinyhome #homeiswhereyouparkit #diy #shurflo #ariston

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