Man Wanted For Brighton Assault Who Fled While Still Handcuffed Jailed

Sussex Police released this image of Jessie Burbridge

A Hove man had been handed a 2 year jail sentence following a series of escapes from Sussex Police following an assault in Brighton.

Jessie Burbridge was approached by police in Worthing on 6th April. However, he proceeded to assault an officer, before fleeing. He caused damage to a van and fence. He was then later apprehended and taken to Worthing Hospital as he had fractured his arm in the act.

He again fled, despite being handcuffed and not having received treatment for his arm. It then took police weeks to discover Burbridge again, after several failed attempts. He was eventually apprehended again in Hangleton on Saturday 9th June, after he had yet again attempted to flee.

The wild chase, and series of subsequent crimes during it, led Burbridge to plead guilty to 4 charges. He received charges for escaping from lawful custody, criminal damage and to counts of assault with intent to resist arrest.

It took police a long time to capture the wanted man. Detective Inspector Simon Morgan spoke of the polices formidable approach: “Burbridge was clearly determined to avoid us, but we were determined to catch him and eventually, more than two months after he went on the run, he was arrested.”

It will be a great relief to police and locals in and around the Brighton area that this cat and mouse saga has finally been brought to a definitive close.

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