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| September 18, 2018

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Mario Karts vs Star Wars: Your Childhood Fantasy Has Come True

Mario Karts vs Star Wars: Your Childhood Fantasy Has Come True
Georgia Kolakowski

This Saturday (19th and 20th May) on Hove Lawns, PLAYAstation present every 90’s kids dream…Mario Karts vs Star Wars. Get ready to feel nostalgic as this ‘pedal Grand Prix’ pits Jedi’s and Sith Lords against Mario and Luigi. Running from 1pm to 7pm, every 15 minutes Brightonians are in with the chance of beating their nemesis whether that be a plumber, princess or intergalactic warlord.

PLAYAstation beg the question “Will you form a rebel alliance? Can the empire strike back? Have you underestimated the power of the dark side of the track?” This weekend it’s your chance to find out!

There’s 23 slots on both Saturday and Sunday so don’t be afraid to make your way down – there will definitely be a chance for you to play! However, it’s best that you book a time slot in advance to avoid disappointment – there’s nothing worse than not being able to race Chewbacca whilst dressed up as Yoshi…

Each race costs £10 to take part in with each player choosing from full costumes and themed karts for the following characters: Darth Vader / Yoda / Chewbacca / Princess Leia / Princess Peach / Luigi  /Mario / Yoshi.

Once in costume, players race to the chequered flag to take part in 3 lap races on Hove Lawns. In addition to the racers, there will also be high-fiving Jedi mushrooms and Stormtroopers armed with bananas which participants can dress up as for free! For any racer opting to play as Darth Vader they can stop the other karts by firing ‘lasers’!

Mario Karts vs Star Wars is for the big kids (14 years old and onward) These are adult pedal go karts designed for a hyper drive and extra fun! Just while we have your attention we have been informed that all rumours of Fatboy Slim pit-crewing are just that…a rumour.

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