Warning Issued of Intense Heatwave Gripping Brighton Until the Weekend!

Brighton’s quirkiness has helped it become more than just a summer seaside tourist hotspot. However, there are few better ways to spend a day than basking in the sun on Brighton beach! Those who agree will be happy to know that the sun, so often missing in the UK, is here to stay for the foreseeable future!

Such is the ferocity of the current heatwave that the Met Office have issued a yellow health warning until Thursday evening! When the weekend rolls in temperatures should slowly fall off. The yellow warning indicates an 80% possibility of temperatures posing a risk to health.

The extreme heat has exceeded the record temperature recorded this year. Hampton Waterworks in London saw the heat his 30.1C, with 29.1C the previous height. This record is expected to be beaten in the current week.

The yellow health warning is not the most severe, with Amber indicating a risk to the vulnerable and Red issued in heats which threaten the lives of even the healthy. Yellow, by comparison, indicates that services are on standby to help those in need. However, despite this, it is still advised that you be attentive to your wellbeing.

While Brighton is an amazing place to enjoy the sun, with its numerous parks and its idyllic seaside setting, be sure to be sensible. Apply lots of sunscreen and drink lots of fluids to avoid any catastrophes in the heat!

Still make sure to enjoy the beautiful sun though, as its appearance is definitely inconsistent!

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