No Guaranteed Recipe For Happiness, But Guaranteed Laughter And A Good Show!

We all want it, some maybe more desperately than others. But somewhere deep inside us, there is this never ending quest for the one thing that we think will make our lives perfect. Happiness!

So, how do we get there? That was what Yvette May asked herself after a rough break-up with her boyfriend. Consulting our most reliable and beloved search engine, she came across ’10 Steps To Happiness’ and decided to give it a go.

Not only the result Yvette got from good old google, but also the title of her comedic solo performance, the ‘10 Steps To Happiness‘ are no secret that Yvette keeps from you to make her show more interesting. No, you know them right from the beginning of the show.

Calling on the audience to support her on stage. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Calling on the audience to support her on stage. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Starting off with the remark “Life is like a rollercoaster”, Yvette catapults the audience directly into her world by imitating a crazy rollercoaster ride with wild strobe lights. Then comes the first step: “Figure out what’s wrong”. And there we go, the first step already seems quite tricky to follow as Yvette has to find out.

In fact, the show is less about the ten steps as such than about the experience this young woman has made when trying to follow them. Totally straightforward and touchingly honest, she shares the most comic and embarrassing moments of her journey with the audience.

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

The 10 steps simply serve as a guideline for an incredibly funny show that involves so much more than that. When Yvette talks about waking up in the morning and getting frustrated by watching all the bad news on TV, followed by a hilarious imitation of an anchor woman on air, it is clear that her show isn’t only about happiness but that it is also a reflection on our lives and society in general.

What in the beginning might appear like one of these therapy sessions we see on TV, with her standing on stage scribbling down the 10 steps on a little board, soon turns into a hilarious mixture of talking about the steps and putting her own experience on stage in form of little sketches.

Yvette performing a song on not caring about other people's opinion. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Yvette performing a song on not caring about other people’s opinion. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Delivering a totally convincing performance about what seems to be her own life story, Yvette doesn’t fail to make the audience laugh with every single anecdote whether it is the big night out that ends with her vomiting into her handbag or her jabbering away on a very embarrassing first date. Having no mercy on her audience that is already struggling to catch a breath while laughing, the young actress tops up with some funny singing and dancing performances.

So, do we walk out of the show with a ten step plan in our pockets on how to achieve happiness? Definitely not. But we surely walk out of there knowing that we had a really good moment, and feeling happier than we did before, thanks to all the laughing.

10 Steps To Happiness‘ will again be on tonight and tomorrow night at 6:30 pm at The Warren. Tickets are on sale here.

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